6-Shogaol is a substance made from ginger. Among other things, it is responsible for their pungent taste.

6-Shogaol prevents cancer cells from growing into healthy tissue by blocking genes that are responsible for the spread of cancer. Both local growth and the spreading by metastasis are inhibited.
Metastases are formations of cancer cells in distant regions and organs. They are very dangerous, and their occurrence usually worsens the prognosis of cancer.

Healthy cells have a mechanism that they activate whenever they e.g., become too sick and can no longer perform their functions. This mechanism leads to self-destruction so that new, healthy cells can grow, and the body is not endangered. Cancer cells manage to deactivate this mechanism. Although they are sick and dangerous, they do not self-destruct.
6-Shogaol reactivates self-destruction in cancer cells and thereby prevents tumor growth.

Within cancer cells, cancer stem cells are the cells that are particularly resistant to therapy. Among other things, they are responsible for ensuring that cancer returns after supposedly successful treatments.
Studies have shown that 6-Shogaol can be successfully used against cancer stem cells.

Shogaol is effective against breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.

6-Shogaol is a relatively new intravenous drug. The previous applications were well tolerated, and until now, I have only used it in combination with other substances. Hopefully, the next few years will show us the full potential of 6-Shogaol in cancer therapy.

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