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Due to the low success rates of conventional treatments, we have developed a successful cancer therapy program that can dramatically increase the chances of surviving a cancer disease.

The program is suitable for almost all cancer patients regardless if you aim to improve the outcome of your conventional therapy or if you seek an alternative stand-alone program. We can even help when traditional therapies do not work anymore.​

Dr. Adem Gunes, MD, PhD

Fighting cancer cells without damaging the body

A therapy that is attacking healthy cells in the same way as cancer cells can’t be a smart approach. The goal must be to destroy cancer cells while protecting the organs and the immune cells. Our treatments are targeting the cancer cells and have even positive effects on healthy cells. A good example is highly concentrated intravenous Curcumin, which is useful against many cancer types. Besides destroying cancer cells, it is enhancing the immune system and improving organ functions.

Successful Cancer Therapy

Enabling the immune system to recognize the enemy

The most potent tool against cancer is your immune system. When our immune cells are functioning correctly, cancer cells can barely develop. Therefore, almost every cancer disease is, at the same time, an immune deficiency problem. Cancer has grown from your own body, and therefore, your immune system does not consider it a threat.

To overcome this situation, we apply therapies that forces your cancer cells to produce certain proteins on their surface. This process makes them visible for your immune cells. As a result, they are being recognized as threats and will be attacked.

immune cell

Treating without creating resistance

One major problem in cancer treatments is the development of cancer drug resistance. Cancer cells act smart and can quickly adapt to new therapies. After a while, the drugs do not work anymore, and doctors have to look for alternatives.

We can avoid cancer drug resistance by combining different methods or by giving substances that are reversing any existing resistance.
Besides, we have developed unique techniques were developing resistance is technically not possible.

cancer resistance

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