Ozone Therapy

intravenous, intramuscular

Ozone is a molecule that, in contrast to oxygen, does not consist of two but three oxygen atoms.

Ozone produces oxidative stress and can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi and increase blood circulation. The latter effect can be used in cancer therapy in combination with other procedures.

Low-oxygen cancer cells are usually less sensitive to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The lack of oxygen in tumors also leads to the increased formation of cancer vessels and makes the cancer cells more aggressive.

In some studies, ozone therapy has been shown to increase the oxygen concentration in tumors. This effect could be used to make standard methods more effective.

None. Ozone therapy only works synergistically with other methods and has no direct cancer-killing effects.

Ozone therapy is not an anti-cancer treatment. Its status as a supportive measure is questionable. When used correctly, it is well-tolerated.

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