Whole-body Hyperthermia

An Important Tool To Reactivate The Immune System

Systemic whole-body hyperthermia is a method of fever therapy. The entire body is warmed up. The goal is a natural activation of the immune system.

An increase in the core body temperature leads to the production of proteins (cytokines), which play an important role in the immune system. Production begins shortly after the application of whole-body hyperthermia and only normalizes after 48 hours.

One of these proteins is interferon-gamma. It has immunostimulating and anti-tumor properties.

In addition to interferon-gamma, the production of interleukin-2 is increased. It is responsible for the growth and the production of many different immune cells. Interleukin-2 activates, for example, the natural killer cells that can detect and kill tumor cells.

Since immune enhancement is desirable in any cancer treatment, systemic whole-body hyperthermia can be used for any cancer.

Systemic whole-body hyperthermia is an excellent tool to reactivate the immune system. I usually use it as a method to rebuild the immune system after cancer therapy. It can also be used very well between two cancer therapies.
Systemic whole-body hyperthermia belongs in the hands of experienced therapists because not every patient can tolerate the treatment. Good observation during therapy is mandatory.

The target temperature for most patients is around 40 °C. Higher temperatures can be dangerous, especially in patients with circulatory problems.

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