Vitamin C, High-dose


Vitamin C and its role in Cancer Therapies

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital vitamin found in numerous fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C becomes anti-oxidative in low doses but pro-oxidative in higher. Therefore, low-dose therapy is particularly suitable for immune support and the protection of healthy cells and less for direct cancer cell destruction.

High doses are used primarily in cancer therapy. They lead to increased oxidative stress in cancer cells, which they can no longer compensate. Interestingly, healthy cells cope well with high doses of vitamin C. There is no direct damage to healthy cells through the administration of vitamin C.

Besides, vitamin C can reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy and increase its effects.

Since the mechanism of action of vitamin C is the same for almost all types of cancer, it can be used for most types of cancer.

High-dose vitamin C infusions are a must in every cancer therapy.
In my clinic, I regularly use maximum doses of vitamin C. In this field, we are perhaps one of the clinics with the most significant experience worldwide. Treatment with mega doses, however, belongs in the hands of experienced therapists, as not every patient is suitable, and interactions with other medications can occur. When used correctly, side-effects are rare and only temporary.

The intravenous administration of vitamin C is a type of natural tumor therapy that acts selectively on cancer cells. I have been using it successfully for over 18 years and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

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