Vitamin B17 / Laetrile

Is Vitamin B17 suitable for cancer treatments?

Amygdalin is a natural substance that is found in high concentrations in bitter apricot kernels, apple kernels, and bitter almonds.
It is also called laetrile or falsely vitamin B17. Why the name “vitamin” is established is not known. Amygdalin is not related to vitamins.

The exact mechanism of action is not known. Some studies show that Amygdalin activates a suicide mechanism in cancer cells. This mechanism is normally present in all cells and is only enabled if the cell has become too old or too sick. This mechanism is often deactivated in cancer cells.
Reactivation by Amygdalin can explain its effects.

A definite recommendation cannot be given.

Any intake of Amygdalin should be under the control of an experienced therapist. Oral Amygdalin tablets should be used with caution. In particular, the combination with oral vitamin C at the same time could be dangerous.
Also, the high intake of natural Amygdalin, e.g., by eating bitter apricot kernels, can cause poisoning with hydrocyanic acid.

Intravenous Amygdalin is safer and better tolerated. I have not experienced any side effects.

The use of Amygdalin should be carefully considered. Its role in cancer treatments is questionable, and unfortunately, there are still too few studies on its use in oncology.

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