Sulforaphane is a powerful antioxidant that is present in high concentrations in cabbage and broccoli.

Sulforaphane inhibits the growth of cancer cells by activating apoptosis. Apoptosis is the controlled self-destruction of the cell. If apoptosis is activated, the cancer cell starts processes that lead to her death.

Sulforaphane also blocks cancer cell growth by blocking certain phases of cell development. As a result, the cancer cell loses its ability to divide and multiply.

According to many studies, sulforaphane can also be used in cancer prevention.

Sulforaphane shows positive effects against a variety of tumors. Studies prove its effectiveness against ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumor, pancreatic cancer, oral cancer, and bladder cancer.

I can give a clear recommendation for the use of sulforaphane. It is well-tolerated, and I have never monitored any side-effects. Should there ever be an intravenous formula for sulforaphane, I would use it immediately. Until then, I recommend the oral use for every cancer patient.

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