Prostate Cancer Prevention Tips

Best Ways To Prevent Prostate Cancer

In this piece of content, you’ll get to know about the best prostate cancer prevention tips that are suggested by the Oncology experts.

Prostate Cancer Prevention Tips

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Things to do to prevent Prostate cancer

  • Green Tea And Soy
    Soy may lower PSA levels, and green tea can reduce your prostate cancer risk. Chemo-preventive strategies against prostate inflammation and cancer focus consider including green tea and soy in their development. These products can potentially help decrease prostate cancer risk and overall incidence. Therefore, start including both in your daily diet, since they are both healthy and are not known to increase your risk for any other disease.
  • Healthy Weight
    If you are overweight or obese, work on losing weight. Maintaining a steady, lower-than-25 BMI is crucial to reduce your risk for prostate cancer. To achieve that, adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating more fruits and vegetables and less calories-rich foods. On top of that, exercise as many days per week as you can.
  • Eat More Fish
    Fish can help protect against prostate cancer because they contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, trout, fresh tuna, and fish oil capsules contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. You should increase your weekly intake by consuming one or more of the products mentioned above. This way, you improve your metabolic health, and you lower your risk for prostate cancer.
  • Exercise Regularly
    Men who exercise regularly have a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Exercise most days of the week, and you will reduce your risk for many diseases. This way, you can maintain or achieve a healthy weight. If you don’t know how to start, consult your doctor or a sports specialist to guide you through your first steps.
  • Vitamin D
    Taking vitamin D help to protect against prostate cancer. Studies showed that there is a strong link between prostate cancer and vitamin D deficiency. Check your serum levels and start searching for vitamin D sources. Higher intake means better active surveillance outcomes.
  • Fruits And Vegetables
    Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that are thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. At the same time, choose a low-fat diet, with limited amounts of meats, oils, and dairy products. To increase the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you can try and eat them as snacks in between your main meals.