IPT / Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy

Low Dose Chemotherapy

IPT stands for “insulin potentiated therapy.” In this type of chemotherapy, low-dose cytostatics are administered in a state of hypoglycemia.

Tumor cells are mainly dependent on an energy supply from sugar (glucose). It is believed that artificially induced hypoglycemia by insulin weakens the cancer cells, making them more sensitive to chemotherapy.
The exact mechanism of action is unfortunately not known.

IPT can be used against all types of cancer that are usually treatable with chemotherapy.

In many cases, I am critical about high-dose chemotherapy. On the other hand, it is logical that low-dose chemotherapy alone cannot show the same effectiveness. Therefore, scientists and doctors are interested in increasing the efficacy of low-dose chemotherapy through additional methods. The goal is a higher effectiveness with good tolerance. I combine low-dose chemotherapy with many different treatments that complement each other and increase their efficiency. IPT is just one method among many that can also be used when traditional therapies are no option anymore.

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