Head Hyperthermia


An Effective Tool Against Brain Cancers

Head hyperthermia is a procedure for the therapy of primary brain tumors or metastases.

Tumors in the brain are treated with radiofrequency of a specific wavelength. As a result, the temperature in the area of ​​the tumor increases. Above a certain temperature and duration, proteins of cancer cells are damaged in such a way that they die. The critical temperature is only reached in cancer cells, since healthy tissue has a better blood circulation and can therefore “neutralize” the heat.

The treatment of brain tumors with chemo drugs is very difficult because there is a natural barrier between the brain and blood (blood-brain barrier). This barrier retains many drugs in the blood and ensures that they do not reach a sufficient concentration inside the brain. Local hyperthermia can help, since it enhances the efficacy of low-concentrated chemotherapies massively.

In addition, local hyperthermia increases the tumor blood flow. As a result, poorly perfused areas are again enriched with oxygen, the acidic environment becomes more alkaline, and immune cells can interact more easily with the cancer cells.

Local head hyperthermia also increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy. Cancer cells that were previously radiation-resistant can be killed easier.

The therapy is safe for healthy cells .

Head hyperthermia can be used against all primary brain tumors, as well as all brain metastases.

Local hyperthermia is an indispensable tool in brain cancer therapy. It is generally well-tolerated and safe. However, its use requires experienced therapists.

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