Dichloroacetate / DCA


Why DCA Can Help Against Cancer

Dichloroacetic acid (DCA) is used in medicine in studies for certain metabolic disorders.

Mitochondria are important components of all cells, including cancer cells. Their main task is the production of energy. DCA inhibits important enzymes in the mitochondria in cancer cells and thereby prevents an adequate energy supply.

DCA also activates inside cancer cells a suicide-program, that is very often deactivated in cancer cells. The mechanism becomes active in healthy cells whenever they become too old or sick.

DCA also appears to block metastasis.
Besides, it prevents the formation of cancer vessels, which are very important for further tumor growth.

Studies show that DCA can increase the effectiveness of both radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

DCA can be used for many types of cancer. Studies have shown a positive effect on the following types of tumors: brain cancer, prostate cancer , and breast cancer.

In combination with other substances, DCA can be used very effectively. It is well-tolerated. Side effects rarely occur and are usually only observed after prolonged use. We mainly use DCA intravenously.

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