– Marina S. (Florida, USA)

Dr. Adem’s professional recommendation helped my husband make a choice for a clinic in Germany. His advice was important to make our final decision.

– John Upton

Dr. Adem offers invaluable services that simply have no counterpart. His reply was extremely prompt, personal and direct. It gave me a very good direction and saved me time and costs.

– JP & MP (Huntington Beach, CA)

We found Dr. Adem Gunes. His vast experience, advice and guidance in finding the best German Cancer Clinic for me was a God sent.

– Iryna Sinkevich

It was very helpful for me to get Dr. Adem’s opinion. I was researching about alternative cancer treatments but didn’t know what to choose. And he simply pointed me out in the right direction


It was important that we get a second opinion, especially from a knowledgeable European doctor to verify the local treatment for my wife who is concerned of recurrence of pancreatic cancer. Response by Dr. Adem was prompt, thorough, and covered a vast amount of options

– R. Melia

Regarding seeking a clinic in Germany for my brother Dermot, I felt overwhelmed as there were about 11 to choose from. I was delighted to find that Dr. Gunes offered an advisory service and had expertise in this area. I emailed medical records/scans etc and within two days I had a reply from Dr. Gunes with his suggestion and was also able to query aspects with him. I found Dr. Gunes service invaluable.

Les Serff, SPAIN

When my sister who lives in Ireland was diagnosed with cancer, we wanted to find the best treatments available, and thanks to Dr. Adem Gunes, we found the best clinic for her. Dr. Adem reviewed medical reports and made recommendations for complementary treatments and recommended a clinic. My sister received excellent care and her tumour went into regression and now there is no trace of the tumour. She is back at home now on a regimen of supplements and correct diet. Dr. Gunes stayed in touch during my sister’s treatments and was helpful with advice and suggestions. I will recommend Dr. Adem to anyone I know who gets cancer.


People living in the United States are at a significant disadvantage in knowing the truth about cancer and the available alternative methods of treating cancer. Once diagnosed with Mantel Cell Lymphoma, research lead me to look outside the United States for a viable treatment. My condition was discovered through a clinic practicing functional/alternative rather than conventional/ alopathic medicine. My first inclination was to go to Mexico for treatment, where there are many alternative treatment centers. Upon further research, I discovered that Germany seemed to provide a more consistent cancer protocol, hyperthermia being the bedrock of tumor reduction. In my research of German clinics, I ran across doctor Gunes’ name, associated with his knowledge of the various German cancer protocols, but with the additional knowledge he gained through significant study of herbal medicines and their impact on cancer. When I received my listing of protocols, I realized that Dr. Gunes was on the leading edge of cancer treatments, utilizing such advanced protocols as GcMAF, which is a recent breakthrough in the treatment of cancer, showing great promise.

Majella Vallely, N.IRELAND

I contacted Dr. Adem Gunes regarding my husband who has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Dr. Gunes replied to my request within one day. Dr. Gunes studied with great care and attention to detail all the medical records which I had forwarded by email. He advised regarding effective treatments for advanced prostate cancer and also suggested suitable supplements. He recommended a cancer clinic in Germany which he believed would be best suited to my husband’s needs. I have contacted the clinic in Germany and we hope to travel there shortly for treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gunes’ services as he has provided us with much needed hope at this worrying time.